Omega Rehab & Sport, currently works with many local high school teams by providing the entire squad with our unique program, PhysicalsPLUS, which is a Pre-Season District Physical, PLUS a sports-specific musculo-skeletal screening to determine if the athlete is at risk of potential injury due to factors such as joint laxity, muscular weakness & imbalances, and range of motion limitations.

The sports-specific screen goes above and beyond the standard district physical.  This additional information is important for any athlete to learn before the season, so that corrective exercises can be taught to lessen the possibility of injury.  This allows for your athletes to get all their physicals done at once which makes your life easier.

We usually provide the PhysicalsPLUS in our office as a team and the cost is $40 with 10% of the cost going back to your booster club.  I would like to meet with you for a short time to discuss your needs and how we may be able to provide PhysicalsPLUS to your athletes.  We want to help give your program something that others in the league don’t have.