Corporate Injury Prevention

Both Drs. Sevak Khodabakhsian, D.C., Q.M.E. and Katrina Babcock DO are actively involved in the injury prevention programs multiple organization including the Conejo Valley Unified School District , Los Robles Hospital, and West Hills Hospital to name a few.

Omega Rehab & Sport’s Back School 101(see “Back School” under Resource Center) is unique in that it instills accountability by emphasizing self-reliance.  This approach is behavioral modification model developed by psychologists and nutritionists.  By simplifying the education process into easy to digest modules the students are able to gain a practical awareness of healthy sustainable behaviors.  Just as better nutritional and exercise habits improve ones cardiovascular capacity, similarly the daily practice of proper postural biomechanics extends the life of the spine.  Further, training on simple postural strengthening and restoration exercises, that do not require ANY equipment or gym membership, allow the student to express their full physical potential.

When used in conjunction with our Annual Agility Testing (See our Occupational/Industrial Testing Services page) significant cost savings can be expected in terms of lost time injuries and productivity.

Call us today and ask for Chuck Aplin MS, ATC, CEAS or Dr. Khodabakhshian DC, QME for additional information.