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Omega Rehab & Sport has emerged as a leader in Physical Therapy & Chiropractic for Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village and the surrounding Conejo Valley communities in providing effective treatments for patient suffering with painful musculoskeletal conditions. Your local Thousand Oaks Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, & Sports Rehab Clinic. Walk-ins welcome or call (805) 230-1199.

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I absolutely love I’ll make a rehab. I have been to other rehabs in the past and have never gotten the service that I feel that I’m getting At Omega. Ann And Andrea are two amazing , patient, and helpful therapists. Thank you.
,Jan 10, 2019
Omega is the place to go if you have any PT needs. Dr. K is knowledgable, helpful, and invested in his patients. The staff takes the time to get to know their patients personally and the environment is a very desirable one to have in a sports medicine setting.
,Sep 20, 2015
I have had such a positive experience at Omega Rehab & Sport. I am almost completely pain free from my shoulder.
,Sep 19, 2016
I started physical therapy at Omega on 4/22/19 for my left arm due to a fractured clavicle. After my first two visits, I was back on my cycling trainer and able to go on a bike ride. The flexability and strength in my left arm has improved and I'm now able to more perform daily tasks more easily. Ann and Andrea are thorough and caring and provided me with excellent therapy and instruction. I met Christopher on my second visit. He provided me with excellent instruction and was attentive on the arm cycle. The staff I've met at Omega are professional, thorough and friendly. The physical therapy and care I've received at Omega is excellent.
,Apr 30, 2019
Excellent people, Most of them are extremely helpful. Excellent facilities with useful equipment.
,Apr 29, 2018
Friendly, competent staff! Happy to recommend and would not hesitate to visit again. Thank you!
,Jan 24, 2019
I love Omega Rehab! Everyone there is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. The doctors and physical therapists are fabulous and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing these services. I would like to especially recognize Christian, who always takes the extra time to make sure every fine detail is taken care of when he is helping me, any rehab exercise is explained with great care and specificity, and that I am always as comfortable as possible when getting treatments. He shows a true interest in how the patients are feeling, and acts engaged when listening to feedback. Having said that, everyone at Omega is fantastic.
,Sep 12, 2018
After many years of injuries, Omega has helped me to be able to improve my standard of living after the numerous surgeries that I had to endure. Thank you Omega for all your help and expertise to get me where I am at today!
,Mar 6, 2016
Kudo's to Anne, Andrea, Gabby, Christian, MJ and the Omega team! Within a welcoming, clean and inviting atmosphere, the team provides a skilled, hand-on approach to rehab that is very appreciated.
,Jan 21, 2019
I was quite impressed with both Dr. Hanner's knowledge and approach to rehabilitation. In addition to treating my short term needs, he provided a great training regimen to mitigate potential issues in the future. Highly recommended!
,Nov 1, 2018
Omega is a fantasic place! The therapists and assistants are all very excellent and very helpful. These people are much better than the PT place where I used to go.
,May 30, 2018
Great staff, great experience!
,Dec 6, 2017
Team OMEGA Rehab & Sport rocks! Since starting physical therapy for a broken clavical, I've come along way in my range of motion and healing. The treatment methods have worked well for me. All of the therapist treating me so far have been excellent.
,May 28, 2019
Dr Hanner is very good and he explains a lot to me. He knows what is talking about.
,May 5, 2018
Appreciate the detailed plan for my physical therapy exercises. I honestly felt better after just the first visit.
,Apr 29, 2019
WOW this is so great. After having 4 sessions with Anne & her assistants, I am amazed how much better I feel and Anne has explained the complications associated with a couple of back surgeries, lower back pain, and the benefits of stretching & exercise, not to mention the massage therapy that reduces the stress on my lower back. Fabulous!!!!
,Apr 21, 2018
I am very glad I decided to go to Omega Rehab & Sport. All the staff members are friendly and the atmosphere is comfortable and positive. Dr. Hanner was very helpful not only with making me feel better but teaching me how to make adjustments to my every day activities so I could become stronger in the future. I would definitely recommend them.
,Feb 14, 2019
Thoroughly positive experience - Welcoming, professional, organized and attentive ! My results exceeded the expectations of my doctor! Each PT session is a building block for the next session.
,Jul 12, 2018
Omega Rehab and Sport have amazing staff that work so hard for your overall health. I am so glad I choose them, and I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else.
,Apr 29, 2018
Such great and courteous attention to me and my health issues. Thank you Dr K and staff!
,Jun 6, 2018
The first time I had to get treatment for a bodily injury I chose the Omega Rehab & Sport because I knew I was going be able to get all the medical treatment I needed in one place. After meeting Dr. K back in August of 2014, I realized that I was in the hands of a doctor who genuinely cared about helping me get to the maximum level of improvement. Dr. K uses a combination of manipulations and exercises that help with the short term injury but in the process, he also teaches you how to treat your back in the long term. I have been a member of the Healthy Spine program since 2016 and it is the best investment I have made on my health. Every month I look forward to getting an adjustment and a massage for the amazing price of $69 dollars a month. After the massage I feel like new and recharged for the month. The last month I've used the inteliroll on a regular basis and it has helped me stretch my body. I particularly like the traction that it can provide to my neck. I have received treatment from everyone in the Omega team and I can honestly say that every team member- Anne, Alex, Dr. Hanner, Christian, Tiaga and Dr. K- has made me feel that their mission is to help people get better and you will feel it too.
,Oct 4, 2018
My team of Alex, Sandy and Andrea each worked miracles in their own way. From bare-bones practicality to the depths of Mindbody awareness, I left there seven weeks later with legs that felt ten years younger. I’m able to do some advanced asanas I thought had become memories of my younger self. Jon always got me started with a smile, and Gaby became a friend at the front desk. A great team and a great facility. The Best. A deep, heartfelt thanks. Namaste.
,May 14, 2019
Kudo's to Anne, Andrea, Gabby, Christian, MJ and the Omega team! Within a welcoming, clean and inviting atmosphere, the team provides a skilled, hand-on approach to rehab that is very appreciated.
,Jan 15, 2019
Nothing but respect for Chuck, true professional, the real deal, I’ve admired this guy for many years. He’ll get you right-Coach Keller
,Dec 7, 2017
Excellent team. Extremely professional, friendly and helpful.
,Jan 10, 2019
Great service, they know how to take care of you.
,Feb 13, 2017
Dr. K is a lifesaver! My neck, shoulders, and upper back were so stiff due to excessive computer use. They diagnosed and treated my problem quickly and with great results!
,Jun 17, 2018
So far, so good. Dr K has helped me with several new thoughts regarding back awareness and exercises to help keep the back healthy as possible. Hopefully this sciatic I'm dealing with will be resolved with therapy and a little more time.
,May 18, 2018
I've been coming to Omega for for at least 13 years...maybe longer. I know I'll always get top notch care from Dr. K and his amazing team. It's comforting to know they're only a phone call away.
,Jun 13, 2018
,May 1, 2019